Shanghai Liaoyuan Institute of Advanced Learning (shortened to; Liaoyuan Academy) is a private non-degree education institution with independent legal corporate body with qualifications approved by the Ministry of Education in Shanghai. Since the establishment of the Liaoyuan Academy in 1992, it has successively developed diploma exams for higher education. Self-study courses for higher education, foreign language training in English/Japanese as well as summer camps for a variety activities and purposes. The college has repeatedly been rated as a city-level advanced company, and in 2006 was an A rated academy. The academy provides students with an ideal learning environment equipped with excellent teaching and computer rooms as well as other state of the art facilities and resources.
The institute employs experienced teachers who have years of teaching experience in teaching languages. There are different teaching models that can be adapted for individual student needs such as examination preparation, business applications and further study abroad. We have adopted one-on-one instruction for tutoring and small class tutoring to enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The institute employs senior foreign teachers to create a pure English environment for learners and help learners of all ages achieve a desired goal within an allotted timeframe required.