Yushen Education Group (YEG), affiliated to Shanghai Yushen Educational Technology Development Co., Ltd., was founded in 2000 as a bilingual educational brand. Under the YEG umbrella, as Group’s pioneering education business Shanghai Liaoyuan Institute of further Education and Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual School (formerly Shanghai Liaoyuan Experimental School) were founded in 1992 and are still in operating to the current day. The Group also opperates a number of kindergarten brands, including Xiaomiao Kindergarten (Xiaomiao Kindergarten and Xinsong Xiaomiao Kindergarten) and the Xuelexing Kindergarten.

Adhering to the group philosophy of “lifelong learners create the future” YEG offers a student-centered approach to optimize modern educational resources. YEG is devoted to cultivating students into well-rounded world citizens who have comprehensively developed with a broad understanding in both their Chinese culture as well as international mindedness through the integration of traditional and international education philosophies with the combination of developing multiple intelligences and personal qualities.