X.L.X. Kindergarten (Qingcheng Campus)
X.L.X Kindergarten,affiliated to Yushen Education Group,is dedicated to build a high-quality international education brand.


We have exclusively introduced a Singaporean preschool education system,which adheres to the philoso-phy of taking people as the center,learning with passion, and pursuing excellency.


With the concept of International Baccalaureate(IB)programmes,we utilize distinctive teaching methods and quality services to channel the most advanced and prestigious education concept into every single part of our education and teaching.Children can enjoy professional quality of teaching and service with diversified cultivation on knowledge,skills and characters. And their intelligence and personal qualities can get all-round development.


Our school concept is to teach students enjoy learning in their childhood and become a lifelong learner.We aim to guide students to be broad-minded,active in thinking and passionate about learning.We help them broaden interna-tional horizons,shape good attitudes and behave in acivilized manner.


In virtue of 20-year experience in school running from Yushen Education Group,our school provides children with the first-class educational environment,the best international programs and professional teams so as to bring a different life start to every student in the X.L.X Kindergarten.


Shanghai Songjiang Xuelexing Qingcheng Kindergarten obtained IB-PYP candidate kindergarten qualification in 2019.
Add: No.5, Building 7, Lane 2501,Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Tel:021-6029 1140

Public WeChat account : XJP-xuelexing