Xiaomiao Kindergarten (Luoxiu Campus)
Xiaomiao Kindergarten,affiliated to Yushen Education Group,is a private kindergarten established with public support.The school consists of Luoxiu Campus and Xinsong Campus. Luoxiu kindergarten obtained IB-PYP World School status in 2020 and Xinsong is currently a candidate kindergarten for the IB PYP.


The Luoxiu Campus is located in the center of Meilong town and the Xinsong Campus in the northsquare of Xinzhuang metro station,only about 2-6 kilome-ters away from Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual School affiliat-ed to the same Education Group.This perfectly creates aintegrated K-12 bilingual education in Xinzhuang and Minhang districts.


We have over 10 years experience in running kindergarten.Adhering to the school concept of developing students into world citizens with an international outlook and lifelong learners,we have cultivated thousands of excellent graduate students and sent them into well-known primary schools.They are high praised byparents and teachers.

Our kindergarten offers pre-K to K3 classes,ages range from 2 to 6.The classrooms are large and bright with complete educational facilities.Besides,there are also various activity rooms such as a creative art studio,dance studio,library and a multi-functional classroom.


There are many international teachers from different countries,professional assistant teachers and sophisticated life teachers to accompany students on their growth.


Following the concept of IB programmes,the learning and teaching process in our courses are well planned to help students develop their personal growth through our under-standing and respect to diversified cultures.Teachers and students build up learning environment together with suggestions,choices and sense of belonging to actively promote kids to build a knowledge system and bring them with a sense of happiness,intimacy and pleasure.

Xiaomiao Kindergarten obtained IB-PYP candidate kindergarten qualification in 2019.

Tel: 021-5481 6417


Add: 1977 Luoxiu Road, Minghang District, Shanghai,201104

Public WeChat account: Xiaomiao-edu