Autumn celebration
Release time:2023-11-24
Autumn celebration

Today, on the autumn equinox, Minhang X.L.X IB learners held an autumn community ceremony. The joy of nature's harvest was made visible, palpable and smellable.

The Minhang X.L.X IB learners took a lot of initiative. They brought in their own stools and sat down in the autumn sunshine.

Head Gardener Becky introduced the children to the Autumn Equinox in visual terms. opened the Autumn celebrations with a tea toast and drumming ......

Autumn offering

Autumn equinox, "score" is "half". Chinese ancient book Spring and Autumn dew. Yin and Yang in the upper and lower "said:" autumn equinox, Yin and Yang also, so day and night are cold and heat. In ancient times, there is a saying that "spring sacrifice day, autumn sacrifice to the moon", and the autumn equinox was once a traditional "sacrifice festival to the moon". Sacrifice to the moon is a very ancient custom in our country, in fact, is a kind of ancient worship of the "moon god". Set up a big incense case, put all kinds of fruits, all kinds of grains, the drum ceremony began, read out the fruits of this autumn to express gratitude, for the next autumn good expectations. Burning incense and respecting tea, express the pious heart to heaven and earth, and send expectations for the next year's harvest.

Touch the autumn

The children, one by one, touch the fruits of autumn, apples, bananas, cantaloupe, grapes, wheat, sorghum, rice and so on. The teacher introduced these fruits one by one, invited the children to smell what the taste of it is, take a look at what the color it is, and feel the breath of the autumn harvest......

Autumn reality

Through the autumn, the children know a lot of grain, we chose a grain-rice, painting, each child with rice in the watercolor paper, with their favorite color, monochrome, mixed color, in their own paper painted different colors of grain, showing a harvest scene......

The four seasons celebration is not only the life inheritance and knowledge transmission of human teachers, but also the awakening and experience of cultural confidence. Teachers carefully dialogue with children, emotional communication, look back at the classic, to develop their own celebration, ceremonies and activities, to rediscover the emotion and charm of traditional culture, will contain in the nature of knowledge from external into internal power, hope to cultural inheritance, knowledge practice, more directly bring the good mark of life and creativity source.


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